Embrace Your Net Worth

You work hard for your money.
Now let it work for you.

Meet CalcuTrack™

Why CalcuTrack?

Your Net Worth Toolbox

Use data-driven analytics for a deeper understanding of net worth and actionable insights to grow wealth.

The Tools You Need

Calculate your net worth & savings rate for free! Analyze an array of financial benchmarks. Confidentially see how you compare to others. Track & monitor your data before making decisions about your net worth.
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See the Big Picture

Embrace a global financial perspective and focus on your entire net worth to avoid blind spots.

Find Potential Growth

Gain a comprehensive accounting of the wealth components that comprise your net worth. Single source of truth for your net worth to make smarter decisions, set goals, and realize financial empowerment.
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Unleash Your Potential

Be empowered with the tools and information that puts you in the driver's seat of your financial future.

It's All About You

Success holds a unique meaning for each of us. At CalcuTrack, we define success as helping you unlock your inner potential to achieve a secure financial future.
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The Numbers that Matter

CalcuTrack™ calculates, analyzes, scores, and tracks the numbers that impact your net worth.

Success Analytics

Calculate your net worth and savings rate. View and understand various debt, income, and net worth benchmarks. See potential return on investment and much more.
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Built for Your Success

Whether you're managing an extensive portfolio or just getting started, we've got you covered.

3 Plans to Choose From

Choose between our Free Plan for starters, Premium Plan for those seeking to maximize net worth, or Pro Plan for those with complicated portfolios.
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Gain Peace of Mind

Gain peace of mind knowing that all of your net worth indicators are being tracked in one location.

Trusted & Reliable

Get a single source of truth for building your game plan.
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More Than Just a Net Worth Calculator

Calculate Your Net Worth

If you’re alive, you have a net worth. Unfortunately, too few people realize this basic truth. CalcuTrack analyzes your assets and liabilities, providing you a reliable and accurate summary of your current net worth. Calculate your net worth for free with CalcuTrack!

Track & Analyze

We built CalcuTrack to work for anyone, from net worth newbies to serious investors with complex portfolios. Enter your data once, and CalcuTrack presents an in-depth analysis of your net worth indicators. Compare how your data stacks up to industry standard financial benchmarks. Keep CalcuTrack up-to-date with fresh data for a comprehensive, multi-year summary of your progress.

Gain 360-Degree Insights

Drill down into in-depth financial analytics to discover what is holding you back. Securely access your data 24/7 from any web-enabled device. Print and download net worth reports for further analysis. Pro-level users can manage unlimited business entities and generate financial statements for use in compliance with commercial loan covenants.

24/7 Access Secure & Reliable Comprehensive

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